Thursday, June 2, 2011

Should the GOP conceed 2012?

It is still a little early in the campaign season but I have to admit that I'm not feeling good about next year. So far all of the GOP candidates have failed to impress me and I'm wondering if a 2012-2016 stalemate between a GOP House/Senate and the current POTUS would be better than electing a squish RINO.

Palin: love her but unelectable.
Mitt: lukewarm about him and he won't inspire the Tea Party to come out for him
T-Paw: I know nothing about him
Cain: tell me more I'm interested
Ryan: please run even though you won't win...just keep telling the American people over and over how we need to reform entitlements and throw out Obamacare. Keep the convo rolling.
Daniels: you wimped out when the country needed you
Paul: front runner for my vote. If I can't get a solid conservative then I'm going libertarian.
Bachman: no
Trump: go away please

Why is Bobby Jindal not running? He's kept a low profile the last 18 months and I know he said he would not run but is there some political baggage lurking in the darkness? Why can't an Indian-American Roman Catholic Southern Governor run and win the White House? He's got the Ivy League/Rhodes Scholar/McKinsey intellect and degrees. Why? Why? Why?

Where is Rick Perry? I'm liking a former C-130 AF pilot and Texas A&M grad.

Maybe it is too early and I should calm down and not look at any of this until after Labor Day.

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