Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veteran's Day Thoughts

I like discounts and free stuff like anyone else but I felt like things got out of hand when I noticed recently on some US flights that airlines were allowing military personnel to board the aircraft first. In some cases it was for military in uniform, in other cases it was a general boarding priority to all US military personnel regardless if they were on official travel. Just to make this clear, military people were being given priority over families, elderly, disabled, and first class ticket-holders. While this policy was obviously well-intentioned it struck me as wrong and antithetical to the relationship between the military and society.

The soldier in uniform has responsibilities and duties in relation to the civilian-citizen and vice versa. Each has their role in defending the country and its interests. The civilian should pay his taxes, stay informed and vote for representatives who will act prudently with regards to resourcing and employing our military. The soldier, airmen, sailor and marine should be excellent stewards of the money and personnel of which they find themselves in charge and should execute to the best of their ability the directed war tasking. Our authorities are our politicians and ultimately our citizens. To place servants ahead of the master is to put the cart before the horse.