Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Best Reads of 2014

Confession: Last year's reading year was paltry. At first I struggled to recall what happened such that I could only get through 10-12 books. Then I remembered: we had a baby in the spring (Yea!!), the summer was mostly tied up with GRE studying (Boo!!), learning Portuguese (Yea!!!) and the autumn with a Game Theory MOOC on Coursera (Yea!!!) Sadly, I did not get to much of what I intended to read for 2014. In fact, looking back on what was read I found that I strayed widely from what I intended. The war maxim "No plan survives first contact" holds in life as well.

Again, these books weren't necessarily published in 2014 but I happened to read them for the first time. They were new to me...perhaps to you as well. Happy reading in 2015.